Suffering From Gymtimidation?

For many of us newbies, the thought of stepping into a packed weight room has us stuck to the couch. Don’t give in to gymtimidation! If your 2018 resolution is to finally get the body you’ve always wanted, read up on these foolproof ways to shake off that fear and get your booty to the gym.

Learn Gym Etiquette

Whether you’re brand new to the gym scene or the next Arnold, we all could use a refresher on gym do’s and don’ts. To avoid being “that guy,” follow proper gym etiquette with these universal rules.

Don’t be a weight hog – Instead of grabbing a 5, 10, 15 and 20 pound dumbbell, stick with a 10 and 20. This helps keep a variety for others and forces you to go heavier.

Wipe down your equipment – Don’t be a savage and leave your sweat soaked machine without wiping it down. Gyms are a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, but disinfectant can put a halt to outbreaks. Spray bottles and wipes aren’t only there for gym staff to use (and often times they’re only required to clean once every couple hours).

Bring a Friend

Everything is easier with a buddy. Group fitness classes with a partner will hold you accountable and make the gym much more approachable. If you’re planning on making early morning classes your routine, find a friend who won’t bail after one week.

Go Slow at Times

In everything we do, we all start as beginners. For your first few workouts, don’t be overambitious. To create a consistent exercise routine, you have to listen to your body. If walking up and down the stairs becomes the biggest challenge of your day, take a rest day and let your body recover. Rest days don’t mean becoming a part of the couch while you binge Breaking Bad, but rather taking a walk instead of a 4 mile run.

Educate Yourself

Personal trainers can be a great resource to help learn your way around the gym, correct form and how to use equipment. It doesn’t have to be a huge investment – set up a session or two to get the basics down. A quick google search can give you hundreds of different workouts (with video demos) for free.

You have too many goals to crush to let a little gymtimidation stand in your way. Learn the basics from a professional, find a gym buddy and get yourself in a routine! Check out our other blogs to make the most of your workouts and stay on track this year:

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