5 Tips to a Healthier Classroom


Teachers – a healthy classroom starts with a healthy you. Whether it’s making sure your body is the healthiest it can be or incorporating a little activity throughout the day, put these five tips into action as the school year wraps up!

Eat Cold and Flu Fighting Foods

With some 25 runny noses sprinting around your room, classrooms can easily be a breeding ground for germs and the flu. Give your body the best chance at warding off these bugs by eating enough foods with vitamin C, zinc and magnesium.

Find almost 100% of your daily zinc requirement in a 3-4 oz serving of beef and up to 20% of magnesium in an ounce of almonds. Fructose, found in fruit, has been shown to increase the amount of magnesium absorbed by the body. Pair a vitamin C loaded orange with a handful of almonds for a hunger crushing, immune boosting snack.

Make Breakfast Healthy and Convenient

Mornings are rough enough without the added stress of having to set aside time to make an extravagant breakfast. With a breakfast prepped and ready to go, healthy doesn’t have to mean extra time. Rather than starting your day off stressed and short on time, fill up with a mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat to keep you satiated up until lunchtime.

Whether it’s grabbing a yogurt parfait topped with nuts and fruit or heating up an egg and veggie scramble before the morning bell, preparation is the key to success.

Stay Active

Kiddos aren’t the only ones who need brain breaks throughout the day! Whenever your kids are moving, that’s a chance for you to get the blood flowing too. Incorporate physical activity into your lessons to get up and moving every 1-2 hours. Been wanting to learn yoga? Flow through a couple basic stretches with your kids and teach them a relaxing way to de-stress.

Have a Healthy Lunch

We all know the typical school lunchroom isn’t where healthy options are the easiest to find. Bringing your lunch allows you to be in control of what goes in that lunch box. Focus on quality, packing in as many nutrient dense foods as possible. Over your lunch break, find a calm place to relax and take time to enjoy your food.

Research shows that when we sit and slow down at meals we actually eat less as our body cues into hunger signals better.

Don’t Just Spring Clean

At the beginning of the year, request enough hand sanitizer and wipes to get you beyond just cold and flu season. Incorporating kids into cleaning at least once a month both keeps them germ free and teaches them how to keep a clean space. A clean room in combination with a clean diet helps to reduce stress so you can focus on the important stuff.


You spend all your time focusing on your kids – it’s time to give yourself some love. More important than keeping your room in shape is keeping your health in line. Dealing with the daily stress of teaching can be tough, but it’s about finding ways to take control and face every morning with a happy, healthy smile. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to all you superheroes out there!