Healthy Breakfast for the Whole Family

The world has discovered the art of healthy food. Every day there is a new super food on the list of things to eat more of and people are listening to every word. With all the new discoveries made over the last few years about saturated fats, trans fats, GMO’s and artificial ingredients it seems the world has taken on a new way to enjoy life and that’s through healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices.

Healthy breakfast ideas that are good for the on-the-go parent are always a welcome idea. Consider making one of these healthy food recipes to eat when feeding your family.

  • Yogurt parfaits made the night before are great to grab on the go
  • Fruit salad with granola crumble is an excellent healthy choice
  • Smoothies are always a great idea and are easy to take out the door with you
  • Boiled eggs can be made the night before and pack a punch of protein 
  • Wraps are a great grab-and-go breakfast and can be filled with many healthy options
  • Granola bars are a great energy booster and you can make homemade ones very easily

Grown-up breakfasts are just as important as the ones for the kids. Take the time to have a decent healthy meal with these healthy breakfast ideas.

  • Avocados are a great healthy fat to put on toast or rice cakes for a healthy breakfast
  • Homemade salsa added to some delicious scrambled eggs is always a winning dish
  • Fruit salad topped with yogurt and chia seeds is a great breakfast pumped full of energy
  • Breakfast wraps packed with egg whites and turkey bacon are a delicious and nutritious option
  • Smoothies packed full of fruit and veggies are perfect for pairing with other items or on their own

If you’re looking for healthy breakfast options that you can make on the weekends for the whole family why not try these quick meals.

  • Breakfast casseroles can be made using egg whites, turkey sausage, and low-fat cheese. Add veggies for an added kick of flavor and nutrients.
  • Pancakes can be made from many different kinds of flour and protein mixes can be added for a boost as well. Fruit makes a great healthy topping instead of syrup.
  • French toast made using egg whites, skim milk, and topped with fruit is another healthy alternative.

Each of these healthy breakfast ideas also works as healthy lunch ideas, or great brunch items as well. By simply cutting out certain fats, salts and sugars you are increasing the health factor and cutting back on some of the things your body doesn’t need. Over 90% of Americans are digesting way more sodium than their bodies need on a daily basis. Always jump at the opportunity to add some super food ingredients to these quick and easy healthy meals.