With 25 years in the wellness industry and an education in exercise science, Kim is no stranger to the benefits of living healthy. But sometimes putting our own health first is easier said than done, even with all the education and training in the world. Kim realized it was time to make a change and set out on her own health journey with Eat Fit Go.

How did you first hear about Eat Fit Go?

My husband and I were walking through Corinth Square last December and noticed the Eat Fit Go sign. We began shopping consistently there immediately. We noticed the food was amazing and the food waste was minimal.

What made you want to try EFG?

I had made a commitment to change my lifestyle, so I loved the aspect of clean, healthy and lower sodium food at Eat Fit Go.

What are a few of your favorite meals and why?

The Southwest Scramble is perfect being higher protein and lower in fat. When I run I go for meals higher in protein and carbs like the Get Your Mac On. The Turkey Chili is another one of my go tos!

How have you changed your habits to lead this healthy lifestyle?

I made the commitment to increase my activity, clean up my eating and have started tracking my macros and calorie intake. I’ve also started getting good sleep.

What positive changes have you noticed in yourself since you started your health journey?

Since starting this health journey, I’ve felt much more energized and have been getting better sleep. Eat Fit Go helped me lose 50 pounds, while my husband, despite his weekly national travel, has also lost weight. I’ve also lowered my body fat, increased muscle mass, strength and endurance.

How has EFG helped you throughout your health journey?

Eat Fit Go has provided me constant support in terms of diet. I always knew I had a healthy, quick and convenient meal at my fingertips. My husband and I are extremely grateful for the clean eating, less waste and friendly, helpful staff at Eat Fit Go. I am never going to quit this journey and I continue to share my story with family, friends and colleagues.

Do you have any advice for those struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Track your food intake and daily activity; seek food that is clean and healthy without too much variety. We are all creatures of habit, so stick to same meals and patterns. Incorporate physical activity with a minimum of 10,000 steps per day, and plan on getting 8 hours of sleep each night. And do this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.