Losing weight is difficult enough without unknowingly self-sabotaging. If you’re not seeing the weight loss results you’ve been sweating for, check out these sneaky ways we can gain weight.

Your Workout

Being a cardio queen may make you break a sweat and although that number on the scale might drop slightly, odds are it’s mostly muscle loss.

Instead of mindlessly moving on a cardio machine to increase weight loss, incorporate some HIIT cardio sprints in between strength training. Crunched for time? HIIT workouts may be the best thing since sliced bread. In 30 minutes you can incorporate full body exercises that build muscle and torch fat. The double bonus is that HIIT workouts put your body into fat burning mode for 24-36 hours, so even when you’re sleeping you’re burning more calories.

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Snacking At Your Desk

If you’re eating in front of your computer screen, you’re more focused on getting that report done than your snack. If you’re not fully focused on your food, before you realize it you may put away that entire bag of chips. Studies show that mindful eating is key for weight maintenance and weight loss.

How do you become a mindful eater? Start by making a conscious effort to be present with your food. Taking time out of your busy schedule to sit and relax for a meal means your body is in a better state for digestion. While it’s great to eat snacks throughout the day as you get hungry, when you take time to eat bigger meals you’ll find you’re less hungry throughout the day and may not need that coffee or candy bar pick me up come 3pm.


One of the hardest parts of eating healthy and losing weight is controlling your portions. Sure, you can pat yourself on the back for eating nutrient-dense foods, but if your portions are out of whack you may not see the results you’re expecting. By paying more attention to the amount of food you’re eating, your body has the chance to communicate with your mind that you’re full. It can take 15-20 minutes for these pathways to connect, often times much longer than we spend on lunch or any snack.

An apple with natural almond or peanut butter is a great snack, but instead of guesstimating – portion it out. Dipping apple slices into a container of almond butter makes it easy to think you’ve only had two tablespoons when you’ve really had six.

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Not moving from your desk

Physical activity doesn’t have to mean dripping with sweat on the treadmill. Even with that work deadline looming over your head, there’s always a way to sneak movement in throughout the day. For starters, a standing desk can be the greatest ROI you’ll ever see. The impact of prolonged sitting has more than just flat butt syndrome – sitting for long periods of time has been shown to increase the risk for insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. If you can’t fit a standing desk into your budget, set an alarm or notification to get up and do light stretching such as toe touches, neck stretches or bringing your hands overhead and stretching to the sides. Check your posture as well, or you may have to cough up some serious money on a chiropractor to get your body back in shape.

Perfect Desk Posture