Have a Stress-Free Morning

Moms, we’ve all had that morning; the one where you wake up late in a panic, destroy your house trying to get kids ready, frantically pack lunches, and rush to work on an empty stomach. Ain’t nobody got time to make breakfast when you have tiny humans to attend to.

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Staying up late after the kids fall asleep to finish the last season of Game of Thrones might seem like a good idea the night before, but come the next morning you’ll be cursing Jon Snow. Creating and maintaining a nighttime/morning routine will make you a more productive human and overall lead to a happier week. Here are some steps to creating a stress-free morning.

1. Sleep!
If a good night’s rest is a unicorn in your life, it’s time to reevaluate your priorities.  Being a super mom, it can be nearly impossible to get to bed at a decent time. On the rare occasion that you get good sleep, you realize just how much better your day is. Start small and go to bed a half hour earlier each night. Getting a full night’s rest makes it that much easier to get up early, and an extra half hour in the morning is the difference between getting to work ready to rock or showing up hangry.

2. Quick, Balanced Breakfast
Cooking breakfast in the morning is a huge time suck, especially if you’re cooking for more than just yourself. Preparing breakfast the night before, or heating up quick meals will make mornings a breeze. Aim for a breakfast that incorporates a protein, a fat and a carbohydrate to keep you going all morning. So preset your coffee maker, stock up on Eat Fit Go breakfast and you’re ready to power through your morning. 





All American Breakfast




3. Prep The Night Before
Planning ahead can shave at least 5-10 minutes off your morning. Laying out your outfit the night before not only ensures your closet will remain intact, but also gives you extra time to get kiddos ready. Plus, you won’t leave the house in a wrinkled outfit you had to throw together in 30 seconds.
We’ve also all experienced the panic of lost keys when you’re already running late in the morning. Take a few minutes the night before to set out your keys, work bag, gym clothes, snacks for the day, etc. You’ll leave your house calm, collected and feeling ready to dominate the day.

4.  Play Music
It’s easy to get into a morning slump and move around your house like a zombie. Playing upbeat, happy music will keep your household moving and get you in the right mindset to start your day.

5. Mini Workout
Getting in a quick workout in the morning will help wake up your brain, put you in a better mood to start the day, and save you time in the evening. For those who are the hit-the-snooze-button-7-times type, don’t let a morning workout freak you out. It doesn’t have to be a trip to the gym. Do some yoga, jumping jacks, light stretching or take your dog for a walk around the block. Just get your blood pumping and your muscles loosened.




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