The Real Reason You’re Not Losing Weight

If you’re a part of the majority of Americans making a resolution to finally get in shape this new year, research shows there’s a slim chance you’ll be successful. For many, the first step to getting healthy is signing off their life in a gym membership only to be used a few times in those ‘new year, new me’ first days of the year.

A quick google search for ‘the quickest way to lose 20 pounds’ will tell you, simply cut out (or burn by exercising) 500-1,00 calories per day to lose 20 pounds in 2.5 months. Sounds easy enough, right? If it were that easy, there sure would be more than 8% of people successful in meeting their weight loss goals. So what is the secret to lasting weight loss?

If you’re still spending hours at the gym in attempt to make up for the two cupcakes you accidentally ate, there’s a simpler solution to the madness.

We know the food we eat has a direct correlation to how we feel, but the importance often gets lost in the busyness of being a parent, student or whatever life decides to throw at you. Sure, we can toss in a blueberry scone with our morning macchiato and call breakfast good, but you might not recognize the impact of that one sugar-filled scone has on the rest of your decisions that day.

Start your day with 20g of sugar and all of a sudden the will power to turn down the breakroom donuts or afternoon soda pick me up is out the window. Motivation to hit the gym after work? Not a chance, Netflix please.

Instead, swap that blood sugar roller coaster for a well balanced, protein-packed breakfast to keep you full, satiated and in control of your day. Don’t get bogged down on having to be perfect with every bite. Start small by adding one serving of veggies as a snack or a healthier meal instead of the drive thru.

Eating well is the first step in a successful weight loss journey and it doesn’t have to be complicated. There’s still time to save that ‘new year, new me’ motivation but it starts by fueling your body properly and giving it the nutrients it needs.