Hangry? Here’s what your body might be missing.

If you’ve been feeling like a ravenous monster and can’t kick the cravings, don’t go straight for the pantry. Your body may be trying to tell you something. If the hanger is strong and you still feel drained after a healthy portioned meal, here is what vitamins may be missing from your diet.

You’re craving salty foods

The unyielding desire to pack away an entire bag of Lay’s isn’t a lack of self discipline, it may be due to an underlying calcium deficiency. Swap the chips and dip for calcium packed yogurt topped with fresh berries to squash cravings. Dairy isn’t the only place you can find this mineral; dark leafy greens and broccoli both help you meet your daily calcium quota.

You’re craving sweets

Find yourself in a blanket of Hershey’s wrappers? If your chocolate craving is leaving you with zero self-control, a magnesium deficiency may be the culprit. Instead of curing your hanger with a Snickers bar, grab a handful of almonds or add a side of broccoli with lunch or dinner. Stress can deplete both calcium and magnesium in the body, so incorporate relaxing exercise or meditation throughout the day to keep your levels in check. Check out our Zen Pinterest board for some stress relieving moves.

You wake up hungry

Waking up hungry may be your body telling you it’s ready to take on the day, but it could also be due to dehydration. For the 7-9 hours you’re asleep your body isn’t getting any water, and if you’re going to bed dehydrated you’ll wake up feeling depleted. That 3pm “hunger pang” might not require a snack, but rather a quick hydration fix with a trip to the water cooler.

By the time you actually feel thirsty, typically it’s a sign you’re already dehydrated. Get yourself a fun water bottle and keep it handy as a reminder to drink throughout the entire day. Aim for 60-80 ounces of plain water each day.

You feel drained

If your body just can’t even, it could be an indicator that you’re not eating enough. Whether it’s not enough calories overall or skimping out on carbohydrates, not supporting your exercise adequately can leave you tired and cranky. If you’re doing higher intensity workouts, work in more quality carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, dried fruit) to support muscle glycogen replenishment.


Your body is an amazing machine constantly responding and adapting to your environment. The most beneficial way to support your body effectively is to tune in and listen to the signals it’s sending you. Rather than fighting against your body or stressing it out even more, take these signals as indicators to figure out what the root issue is.