What’s missing in your diet?

You avoid fast-food joints, ditch the processed junk and quit the soda addiction. But what if your efforts to cut these “bad foods” isn’t enough? Of course you should still pat yourself on the back. Giving up drive-thrus and frozen pizzas is no easy feat. But if your body still isn’t getting proper vitamins and nutrients, you may be jeopardizing that bikini body you’ve been working towards.


When your body is crying out for vitamins, you’ll definitely notice the effects. Whether it’s a stubborn weight loss plateau, or feeling extra sluggish and irritable. Remember, no beach body was made in a week. Make small changes each day to work these foods and vitamins into your diet.


So obviously calcium strengthens our teeth and bones, we all remember the Got Milk? campaigns. Not only do we need calcium as kiddos to grow up strong, our bones need calcium even more so as adults. Women specifically need plenty of calcium to help prevent bone loss.


You may not know that calcium is also responsible for our muscle movement. Frequent muscle spasms and twitches could be a sign of a calcium deficiency. Like we mentioned in our Diet Cleanup blog, we all typically think of milk when trying to get more calcium. Besides milk, your best sources of calcium come naturally from dairy products like yogurt and cheese, as well as green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale. In order to absorb calcium, our bodies need plenty of Vitamin D, so enjoy some sunshine on a beautiful spring day and work more fatty fish and eggs into your diet!




Feeling weak, tired, sore, or bloated? A potassium deficiency may be the culprit. Potassium is needed for everything from walking to keeping your heart beating. Fight off these symptoms, as well as heart disease by getting 4,700mg of potassium each day from natural sources like fruits, vegetables and yogurt. We think of bananas as the sole source of potassium, but knock out one third (1,670mg) of your daily potassium with a large steak & eggs.



Eat Fit Go Steak and Eggs




Research is consistently proving that a healthy gut = a healthy body. Fiber keeps your gut happy, while an overabundance of sugar can lead to total chaos of the gut environment, leading to weight gain. Nobody wants their hard work in the gym to be counteracted by a stupid fiber deficiency! Each day work in about 30-35g of naturally occurring fiber from whole grains (oatmeal, 100% whole wheat bread), starchy vegetables (sweet potatoes, squash) and the skins of fruits and vegetables (that’s where the good stuff is!).

Selenium & Magnesium

These two minerals are often forgotten about, but if you’ve been feeling sluggish or irritable lately, a deficiency could be the cause. Although supplementation can be an easy fix, try adding more natural sources with salmon, dairy and beef. Vegetarian sources include green beans, asparagus, peanuts, almonds and blueberries


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re dehydrated. With even a slight 1% dehydration our body isn’t able to function in top gear. With warm, humid summer months coming, it is increasingly important to stay on top of hydration. First thing in the morning, get down one full glass of water to jumpstart your body. Divide your bodyweight in half; that’s the amount of water in ounces that you should be drinking each day.



Simple Ways to Stay Hydrated





Take a mental checklist, are you getting enough of these foods in your diet? If not, think about some of the foods we mentioned to work into your daily diet. It doesn’t have to be a daily battle to eat right. Incorporating nutrient dense foods into your diet once or twice a week as snacks, salad toppings or a side to your favorite meal is a small step that can have a huge impact on your overall health. Do yourself a favor today, give your body the nutrients it needs to support the daily battles we put it through.